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Commercial Building cleaning services

Calvin Janitorial also provide on time service to apartment building and town homes. Our one of a kind service focus on thorough cleaning by working alongside with the tenants and habitats. We understand the importance of safe and healthy atmosphere needed in any kind of habitat.

Therefore, we clean it by considering as our own home.

Environment-friendly commercial cleaning, repairing and maintenance services help protect the well-being of people and the environment. Calvin Janitorial provides the best quality services of cleaning.

Small companies, retail stores, high-rose official buildings and basic services can get experienced local personnel with full safety clearance to provide superb janitorial facilities. We have a talented team to perform the best job, whether you require monthly, weekly, daily or even full-day or evening cleaning personnel.

Fully guaranteed commercial building cleaning services

We make sure that you will be satisfied with our commercial cleaning facilities which we are providing:

Personnel that is well trained in the latest cleaning methods

Building Cleaning staff who have experience for years

Excellent quality cleaning methods to control the toughest cleaning challenges

Certified ‘green’ cleaning items to preserve nature and health.

Evergreen building maintenance can give you a cleaner building and save you money.

It requires countless amounts for cleaning or repairing problems that can be sorted out at the time it was just a small problem. With past years of experience, we learned that our personnel is talented enough to point out the exact problem before others while doing their cleaning routine. It is a no-brainer to solve the problems before they happen.

Our superintendents and training staff understand what type of problems can occur, and they know how to prevent situations from occurring. They prepare all the staff by making special efforts to energetically search for and solve the cleaning obstacles before they occur.

A facility manager’s best friend

We know the important thing everyone needs is a headache because of dirtiness. As a service supervisor or office manager, everyone expects you to provide a healthy working environment which should be clean, hygienic, odourless and non-allergenic. It would be best if you made sure the people looking for a squeaky clean service around the clock greet the customers and personnel.

We understand you hired us to take charge of your building’s cleanliness, so we promise that nobody is ever disgusted because of spots, crumbling hardwood flooring, broken tiles and crumbs of furniture. Your building will be tidy and odour-free.

We specialise in Green Cleaning.

While protecting nature, “green” commercial building cleaning items also protect the well-being of people. In recent years, some effective cleaning products have been produced that are safe for individuals and the environment. It is not necessary to consume strong, harmful items to clean.

Sometimes there are still conditions that need strong toxic substances that are dangerous, but in some cases, we can consume human-safe cleaning methods to deliver sparkling clean.