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Calvin janitorial always welcome new challenges

Our company provide wide variety of services covering majority of the needs of a commercial environment. Calvin janitorial always welcome new challenges which help us to offer more techniques on the table.

We provide commercial cleaning contracts at competitive and affordable rates.

We work alongside the employees and customers to provide them the convenient and professional service possible.

Our professional team at Calvin Janitorial delivers commercial janitorial facilities that are more beneficial to promote a healthy atmosphere for working and also keep your complex shining. The " Green " cleaning items are used by our team, which makes your building odourless. Our professionals are taking special tools and methods in use to fulfil the responsibility of cleaning and disinfecting.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We feel happy to deliver the carpet cleaning facility in the office, home or any other complex. We offer different methods of cleaning carpets, such as carpet steam, carpet disinfection, deodorising, and upholstery cleaning, to homes and businesses in Vancouver. We are giving the best quality carpet cleaning.

Commercial window cleaning

Windows are the way to allow natural light into your office for a delightful environment. The glass gets discoloured by airborne smut or dirt, but sometimes dirty hands can leave disgusting spots.
We use unique devices and items to sweep the window Clean, which has hard stains. We are also able to clean the screen of windows.

Commercial Window cleaning

Our talented staff at Calvin Janitorial has years of experience providing the best window cleaning service. Our cleaning procedure covers all of your window cleaning requirements, including window exterior or interior, paint removal, removal of storm window dust and debris, and post-construction cleaning.

Once our professionals have done the work by consuming the best quality cleaning items, you will get sparkling windows.